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Broadcast dates : 17th October 2004 16h00

21st October 2004 22h30

Jaguar XKR
One of the most outstanding attributes of our Jaguar XKR test car is undoubtedly its colour. The pale metallic blue is evocative of the E Type Jaguar of the 1960s, many of which were finished in this classic hue

Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS
Subaru has pulled something of a masterstroke with its new entry-level model, the Impreza 2,5 RS. The Non-turbo, or naturally-aspirated Impreza 2.5 replaces the previous 2-litre model ...more

Toyota Corolla 140 GLS
Industry analysts all over the world have been studying the Toyota Corolla for decades in an attempt to understand the reasons for its phenomenal success. Perhaps its secret is that manages to be more of an everymanís car ...more

Toyota RunX 180 RX
The Toyota RunX 180 RX is a new model in the RunX range, being slotted in one notch below the potent RSi performance model. Priced at R188 000 it uses a 100-kilowatt version of the 1,8-litre Toyota engine 

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