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Broadcast dates : 10th April 2005 17h00

16th April 2005 12h00

VW Golf GTi - SA launch
It’s finally arrived – the most-anticipated performance car this year is Volkswagen’s fifth-generation Golf GTi. The question is… Will this GTi recapture the original magic? Well, if appearances are anything to go by, the GTi once again has The Right Stuff ...more

Citroen C2 VTS
The Citroen C2 VTS has delectable big alloy wheels, the now-familiar garden-gnome nose, and the crisp rear-end. The interior is pure funk, and it’s been discoed up a notch or two to go with its more impressive VTS credentials 

Hummer H3
Shown in Geneva in March, the Hummer H3 is set to go on sale in August and this is the model that GM intends as a mainstream Hummer. We've just heard a that GM has plans to build a manufacturing plant here in South Africa to produce the Hummer H3 ...more

Rinspeed Senso
The "Senso", which runs on environmentally friendly natural gas, has, not without reason, been labeled the most sensuous car in the world. The "Senso" actually "senses" the driver by measuring his (or her) biometric data, and then exerts a positive effect on him with the help of patterns... more

David meets Rory Byrne
They’ve named a street after him. The most successful man in Formula One. And this time it’s not Michael Schumacher, but the designer of every one of Michael’s championship winning cars since 1994. Rory Byrne, born in Bedfordview near Johannesburg ...more

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