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Broadcast dates : 13th March 2005 12h30

17th March 2005 23h00

Karmann Ghia
There’s an old saying that once the bug bites, you may as well accept your fate. Well, if that "bug" happens to be of the Volkswagen Beetle variety, prepare yourself for a long period of infestation.The Volkswagen beetle has an amazing cult following, as we discovered at the recent George Motor Show

Toyota Prius SA launch
It’s arguable whether it’s going to be the looks or the ground-breaking hybrid technology that establishes Toyota’s Pruis in this market. It was styled in-house in Japan, but there’s plenty of Californian and European influence from Toyota’s design studios around the world ...more

Silver Cup racing
Silvercup Racing is an ideal entrée into the bright, brash world of tin-top club racing, so called because unlike open-wheeler cars, these have steel roofs. And in the Gauteng area Silvercup is going from strength to strength. To the layman there’s nothing fancy about ...more

Peugeot 907 Concept
Peugeot says the 907 is the realisation of dreams. Specifically the dreams of passionate designers, stylists and engineers within this French company. With the 907 they were apparently given free reign to express their innermost fantasies. The result is what Peugeot feels is the quintessential touring car ...more

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