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Broadcast date : 23rd April 2006 17h00

Citroen C4 Coupe
Citroen’s C4 made a sizeable splash when it was introduced to the South African market just on a year ago. The futuristic moon-raker shape with its reverse-thrust rear window certainly raised eyebrows, especially amongst fashion-conscious car buyers. So what’s new on the C4 front? ...more

Castrol Xtreme Auto Show 2006 preview
Yes indeedy, it’s Shoooowtiiime once again!
These are some of goodies to be seen at this coming weekend’s Castrol Xtreme Auto Show. This is THE date on the petrolhead calendar – or, considering the sponsor, should that be the "oil-head" calendar? ...more

Chevrolet Ute SS
Go ahead. Check the price lists. The only ronkin’ stonkin’ V8 pick-up you’ll come across is the Chevrolet Ute SS, based on the Lumina sedan of similar configuration. Of course you can carry your chromed racing engine or set of Craftsman tools in the back too. This is a pick up with image ...more

Cobra replica - one of the best we've seen
There’s no sound quite like an American V8 massaged for high performance. Throughout the world this fact has been realized by enthusiasts in their thousands who have been seduced by the Cobra. In most cases, when you talk Cobras these days, you talk Cobra replicas. This car owned by John Day of The Wilderness is one of the best replicas we’ve ever seen ...more

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