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Broadcast dates : 22nd January 2006 17h00

28th January 2006 12h00

Aston Martin Vantage 
Stirred but not shaken. Thatís a variation on the classic James Bond line referring to the way he likes his Martinis mixed. But it could equally apply to Jamesí relationship with Aston Martin, after the British Sports carís famous co-starring role in the film Goldfinger back in the 1960s ...more

Renault Clio III launches in Europe
Speak to a top designer of any motor manufacturer today and chances are the term DNA will be mentioned. In a car design context this is the essence of a marqueís identity. The skilled designer will tap into this unique "something" that defines a carís heritage and then bring it to the surface in ever new and interesting ways ...more

Renault Egeus Concept Car
Itís rather odd that Renault has largely avoided the SUV end of the market. Perhaps nowadays thatís well covered by its Japanese partner Nissan, but for a land that gave birth to the Dakar Rally, youíd think Renault would have at least a couple of hard-core off-roaders in its line-up ...more

Peugeot 307 gets a facelift
That gaping grille is the most noticeable styling tweak on the new Peugeot 307, along with new headlights. The new look brings the car into line with other models in Peugeotís range, notably the larger 407. The engine line-up remains much as before, consisting of 1,6 litre petrol and diesel engines ...more

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