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Broadcast date : 4th June 2006 at 17h00

This weeks prograame features a General Motors "special". The entire show is devoted to GM, their financial woes in the USA, a variety of GM products, and some of the new cars we may get to see in SA.

The General Motors Story - part 1

The 1950’s was a decade that was pivotal to the motorcar, as it saw the fulfillment of dreams for the public at large. General Motors had built its first one-off show car, the Buick Y-job, back in 1938 and after the major disruption of World War Two, GM’s stylists picked up the pace ...more

The General Motors Story - part 2
GM has been through tough times over the past few years, and some critics suggested it was the end of the road for the car giant. But how is it possible that the World’s Number One automaker, with hundreds of different top-selling models, is in financial trouble? ...more

The General Motors Story - part 3
Hybrid vehicles are a reality, and have been for some time in America. Most hybrids, like this Chevy Tahoe two-mode hybrid employ small capacity petrol engines alongside relatively powerful electric engines to provide low fuel economy and reasonable performance. Companies like General Motors are well aware of the importance of the Sports Utility Market, which has been one of the big growth areas in vehicle production over the past decade ...more

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