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Broadcast date : 11th June 2006 at 17h00

Toyota Yaris saloon Spirit
What have we here? A little car. More accurately, a big-little car. This is the luxury T3 Spirit, and represents the fourth, most-expensive model in the range with its automatic transmission. More bulk, a relatively low torque one-comma-three litre motor, and fluid-drive make the going a little on the leisurely side ...more

Hot cars in Middelberg
To many Gautengers, Middleburg is one of those places you pass by on your way to a weekend getaway in Dullstroom or the Lowveld. After seeing what Vanís Auto and Sound was capable of at the recent Xtreme Auto show, Car Torque decided the two-hour motorway trip on the N4 was worth a closer look at Vanís. We tracked down the sound experts in Middleburgís main drag ...more

Dodge Caliber heads for SA
Dodge cars havenít been seen in South Africa since Pa fell off the boot of a Valiant. But Chrysler products are a-coming in our increasingly diverse market. Thereís a vaguely familiar look to the Caliber interior, especially in the switchgear. One has to keeping mind itís from the same stable as the Chrysler PT Cruiser, and there are echoes of the Cruiser in the trim and some of the generic Chrysler mechanicals. ...more

Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder
Ga-yaardo. You say it as if you are almost going to pronounce it with an L, the way itís spelt. But then you drop your tongue and open your mouth with a latin lip-curl, bordering on a sneer. So, is the Gayaardo Spanish then, you may ask? No, itís as Italian as, well, Lamborghini, which produces the car ...more

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